TOM+CRUISE+TOP+GUN+1980S1Today is “Talk Like Top Gun Day.”  It’s a day to celebrate the 80’s classic  film that highlights both the US Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program (SFTI program) and beach volleyball.

From the Top Gun Day website:

Top Gun Day is May 13th.   What is Top Gun Day?  Well it’s like talk like a pirate day, only way cooler because it allows you to quote Top Gun all day long, wear aviator sunglasses (no matter how cheap), pretend you’re a fighter pilot (“it’s time to buzz the fridge”), play volleyball in jeans, and drink Hemlock–wait, wait–I mean ICE water. 

It looks like a planned sequel to Top Gun has fallen apart.  So, put on some aviator sunglasses and Call the Ball.

Cue the Kenny Loggins soundtrack.


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