“Effective and Practical Strategies for Prosecuting and Litigating Biotech Patents in an Increasingly Uncertain Legal Environment” American Conference Institute’s 14th Advanced Forum on Biotech Patents

The ongoing implementation of the America Invents Act and a massive upheaval of subject matter patentability signal that this continues to be a period of intense uncertainty for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical fields. Nevertheless, demand for biotech products continues to grow and innovation proceeds at a breakneck pace. To ensure that your company stays on the cutting edge, your patent strategies must evolve to meet new demands placed on your IP protection, and our forum on Biotech Patents will help you develop techniques to rise to the challenge. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Analyzing the PTO’s efforts to apply the America Invents Act, including how the September 16th implementation date has impacted procedure and their plans for the looming March 16th institution of the first-to-file regime.
  • Investigating how the Supreme Court’s Prometheus decision will affect personalized medicine and considering outcomes of the Myriad case and what that could mean for biotechnology.
  • Devising a biologic patenting strategy in the wake of the FDA’s newly issued biosimilar pathway regulations.
  • Enhance Your Learning Experience at the Pre- and Post-Conference Workshops


Wednesday, November 28 to Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hyatt Regency, Boston, MA


ACI’s 14th Advanced Forum on Biotech Patents brings together another top-notch faculty of expert biotech patent practitioners who will share their experience and knowledge to help you avoid pitfalls and maximize the value of your intellectual property. Do not miss the opportunity to hear experienced in-house counsel and private practice attorneys share thoughts and advice on strategic patent filing and effective defense of IP rights.


To accompany your overall experience, PTO examiners and industry leaders will guide you through changes at the PTO at our in-depth pre-conference Interactive Working Group Session: Integrating Changes at the PTO into Biotech Patent Practices.

In addition, our post-conference Master Class on Successful and Practical Strategies for Patenting Antibodies utilizes an expert faculty to assist you in protecting and promoting products that are central to the biotech industry.


Register now by calling 888.224.2480; by faxing your registration form to 877.927.1563; or register online at www.AmericanConference.com/BiotechPatents.

PatentBaristas.com is a Media Sponsor of this event.  Readers of Patent Baristas are entitled to $200 off the current conference price tier.   The discount code you will need for this is: PB 200.

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