A two-day “Invention Analysis and Claiming” seminar is being offered this May in New York (May 12-13), Chicago (May 16-17) and Santa Clara (May 19-20).

The program is based on the book “Invention Analysis and Claiming: A Patent Lawyer’s Guide” published by the ABA. The program presents strategic approaches for analyzing inventions and claiming them based on the problem/solution paradigm and other time-honored patent practice principles. The program is not about claim drafting mechanics an so is appropriate for both newly admitted and experienced attorneys and agents.

  • Are you using the claim drafting process as the vehicle for discovering the broad invention? If so, you may be missing the broad invention. Learn how to apply the problem-solution paradigm in new ways to uncover the full breadth of the invention before the claims are drafted.
  • Are your dependent claims doing the job they’re intended to do? Define an effective Planned Retreat in which each successive claim gives up as little valuable IP as possible while establishing a defensible position for what’s left.
  • Are you proactively protecting your claims against invalidity based on indefiniteness? Explore the use of dependent “definition claims” to define potentially indefinite terminology without sacrificing the parent claim’s breadth.
  • Are you dismissing as obvious inventions that might be successfully argued to be non-obvious? Engage Ron in arguing for and against the patentability of a number of everyday innovations that are right on the edge of being §103 obvious.

Who Should Attend?

This program is for newly admitted and experienced attorneys and agents. Using principles never before taught in the classroom, it presents a strategic approach to analyzing inventions as well as strategies for claiming them. This seminar is not about claim mechanics. Even old hands will experience new ways of thinking about the broad invention and its fallback features, as well as many other aspects of sophisticated patent practice.

More information is available in the attached and at www.sluskyseminars.com.

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