Jeff Kuester, a technology attorney with Taylor | English in Atlanta, Georgia, has started AwakenIP, a web site devoted to intellectual property law.  As noted on the site:

This website is an attempt to help reignite broader recognition of the full value of intellectual property. Much criticism has been levied against the usefulness of intellectual property and its place in our new economy, but there are those among us who continue to recognize the wisdom of maintaining strong intellectual property protection for worthwhile contributions that “promote the progress of science and useful arts.”

AwakenIP is also attempting to maintain the most comprehensive online resource of all information related to the Bilski case.

I wanted to give a shout out to AwakenIP since Jeff’s original website, KuesterLaw (launched in March of 1995), was the inspiration for my starting Patent Baristas.

Good luck, Jeff.



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  1. This is a welcome addition. Too often, the utility of patent law and other forms of IP has been viewed solely in economic terms. It’s less common to consider other aspects. Wishing Mr. Kuester the best of luck.

  2. There is a new show called The Generations Project. Their next episode is about a young, female, African American law student who learns about the life of her ancestor who held the patent for the bridal bit. It’s a really cool show and looks like a great episode. I just thought you would be interested.
    The show will air on this coming Monday night on BYU Television at 8pm MST.
    This is the show’s Facebook page, if you want to know more.