Dolly HouseBIO’s Intellectual Property Counsel Committee is holding its Fall Conference and Committee Meeting got off to a great start today.  The meeting started off with an IP Counsels Committee Business Retreat – a day-long meeting where we members could discuss cutting-edge IP issues affecting the biotech industry. During this time we develop policies and positions for BIO’s Board of Directors to review. The Business meeting was chaired by Thomas Kelley, Patent Counsel with Monsanto Co.

The IP Amicus Subcommittee got a chance to meet with Chief Judge Paul Michel for advice on how to write an effective amicus curiae.  Judge Michel then offered some words to the group at the end of the day during the Meet & Greet Welcome Reception at the US Court of Appeals.

The reception, held at the Dolley Madison House (not that Dolly Madison), was sponsored by Finnegan. Interestingly, the marker on the side of the house is spelled Dolly Madison but the former First Lady married to President James Madison spelled her name Dolley.

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