Gene Quinn, at IPWatchdog, has been working on developing a list of the top 50 patent blogs based on a combination of objective and subjective criteria.

These are all great blogs and trying to put them in any kind of “ranking” makes little sense since many are narrowly tailored and have different emphasis and audiences.  I was pleasantly surprised that I’ve had a chance to meet many of the bloggers at various events and I’m going to make it a goal to meet all of them.

Without fanfare, here is the top 50:

  1. Patently-O
  3. IP Kat
  4. Spicy IP
  5. Patent Baristas
  6. Intellectual Property Watch
  7. Patent Docs
  8. 271 Patent Blog
  9. BlawgIT
  10. Patent Prospector
  11. The Invent Blog
  12. IP Think Tank and The Prior Art

  13. Orange Book Blog
  14. IPJUR and European Patent Caselaw

  15. Promote the Progress
  16. IP NewsFlash
  17. Anticipate This!
  18. Patentably Defined
  19. India Patent
  20. Intellectual Asset Management
  21. Against Monopoly
  22. Patent Circle
  23. I/P Updates
  25. IP Spotlight
  26. Chicago IP Litigation
  27. The IP Factor
  28. Patent Arcade and File Wrapper

  29. Securing Innovation
  30. Patents 101 and IP Estonia

  31. PatLit
  32. Just An Examiner
  33. The Business of Patents
  34. Patentability
  35. Inventive Step
  36. Holman’s Biotech IP
  37. Washington State Patent Law
  38. California Biotech Law
  39. Patent Infringement Updates and Patent Assassins

  40. Russian Patents
  41. Georgia Patent Law
  42. Patentnapsis
  43. Honoring the Inventor
  44. OC Patent Lawyer
  45. Nanomedicine & IP
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  1. Interesting list… it sure doesn’t follow what Google has to say about the top 50!

  2. Congratulations on your ranking.