787l10-bosThe American Conference Institute’s 11th Advanced Forum on Biotech Patents: Comprehensive & Practical Biotech Patent Prosecution and Litigation Strategies for an Evolving Legal Climate will be held at the Royal Sonesta Hotel, Boston, MA, on September 30-October 1.

At the conference, I will be on a panel discussion with Warren Woessner of Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner and Kevin E. Noonan of McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP (and Patent Docs).  We will be teaming up to present a session entitled:

What’s patentable? The Impact of Bilski and Related Precedents to Diagnostic Testing & Treatment Claims in the Biotech Patent Industry

This looks to be a great conference on all the issues in biotech. The ACI Biotech Patent Conference is billed as the ONE place biotech patent practitioners come to learn and discuss the most recent and vital changes facing the industry today:

Emerging from a turbulent year of new case law, a resurgence of the proposed PTO rules, uncertainty associated with a new administration, and tough economic conditions, biotech patent practitioners must prepare for a new phase in this ever-evolving field. And with groundbreaking legislation regarding patent reform and follow-on biologics on the horizon, patent counsel must rise to the challenge to overcome increasing rejections, promote innovation and maximize profitability.

With this in mind, ACI’s 11th Advanced Forum on Biotech Patents once again brings together a high-caliber team of experienced biotech patent counsel who will share their collective knowledge and provide you with critical insights involving:

  • Developing a practical approach to follow-on biologics
  • Preparing for the rule changes rising out of the Tafas decision
  • Strategically avoiding rejection in diagnostic, method of treatment, and method of screening claims
  • Delving into techniques to defeat charges of inequitable conduct
  • Insights into key rule changes in foreign patent offices, including a special presentation on the EPO and EU patent litigation
  • Overcoming challenges to antibody patent prosecution

You can add value to your experience by attending our highly successful, interactive and in-depth Master Class on Drafting Successful Patent Applications for Biotechnology Inventions where you will learn how to master the art of drafting complex patent applications for your biotech inventions.

Register today to reserve your place at this timely event by calling 888.224.2480; by faxing your registration form to 877.927.1563; or registering online.

Let me know if you are interested in attending, anyone who attends the conference as a referral from us is entitled to $400 off the registration price. Just drop me a line for the keycode. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you in Boston.

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