earth_day-300x100In celebration of Earth Day, IAmBiotech and their “sister site” WhatCanBiotechDoForYou are spreading the word about the many ways biotechnology is helping save our environment.  The evolution of biotech has resulted in developments and new technologies that are helping to feed, fuel and heal the world.  Through sustainable agriculture and renewable fuels and products, the biotech community is working to create a greener future for all of us.

Now, you can just text your way to green answers:

We need your help! Ask your friends, family, colleagues, that guy sitting next to you on the bus to TEXT  “BIOTECH” to 77513 to find out the top 10 ways biotech is helping save the earth.

In talking to people about how biotech is helping us lessen our footprint on the earth, WhatCanBiotechDoForYou will be working over the next week to bring you some of their comments about what they’d like biotech to tackle next.  So, what questions have been asked and answered so far?  Q&As include:

Of course, plenty of questions remain to be answered, including ”

If you are working on a technology or product that is helping the environment, you are being asked to please share your work in the “Green Room” on: is part of a project sponsored by the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), designed to foster a conversation with the general public about biotechnology and further educate people about the contributions of this innovative sector.  For more in-depth information on biotech and the people behind the science, please visit their sister site –

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