31lbnoi3i8l_sl160_.jpgThe Apple iPhone has really converted me to a podcast listener.  While I had an iPod and listened to a few podcasts before, I rarely had it with me.  Now, with the iPhone as my podcast player, I always have it with me.  This past week, I got an up-close encounter with a new podcast, the IP Think Tank podcast.

The IP ThinkTank podcast with Duncan Bucknell is exceptionally well done and makes for an enjoyable way to get caught up on the week’s IP events.  This past week’s episode featured Andrew Watson and myself as guest panelists to discuss:

  • Director’s liability for mismanagement of IP assets;
  • Strategic IP Management in Business School Curricula; and
  • Patent Reform in the United States.

We hope you enjoy this week’s podcast and look forward to your comments and feedback.  Listen or subscribe at the IP ThinkTank Podcast page.


Andrew Watson,  ipVA: Intellectual Property strategy and advisory consultants
Stephen Albainy-Jenei, Patent Baristas: Freshly brewed Bio/Pharma chat.

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  1. Hey, thanks Stephen

  2. Thanks also from us as well — and thanks also for the link to the MBAs and IP post. Any thoughts most welcome.