castingcall.bmpEntrepreneur and self-promoter Amilya Antonetti, a CNBC expert on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, is looking for entrepreneurs with the next great success story to be featured on her upcoming Reality TV Show pilot.

Amilya wants to show that that “one person with an idea and passion can change the world or at least change their personal circumstances with just a little push in the right direction.”  This is not an endorsement, just an FYI:

Are you looking for that Lucky Break to overcome the obstacles holding you back in life? Are you interested in having your product or service exposed to millions? Would you like Amilya and her team to jump in to take on your life challenge? Are you ready to make the hard decisions and create a new road map?

If you would like to be considered for Amilya’s upcoming reality TV show, just submit your great idea or life challenge by clicking the word AUDITION/IDEA SUBMISSION and follow the instructions for the 60 question survey.

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