Since posting a list of the top patent blogs you should be reading, I got some inquiries about the top business blogs, particularly venture money blogs. In using the same pseudo-scientific methods of the earlier list, I reviewed what are the most cited VC blogs.

This list is not meant to be definitive given the difficulty in even determining just what is a VC blog. One person’s gifted venture blogger may be another person’s shameless self-promoter. So, this very imperfect method came up with the following blog list:

  1. Paul Kedrosky’s Infectious Greed. Technorati Rank: 2,180
  2. Guy Kawasaki’s How to Change the World.  Technorati Rank. : 3,511
  3. Feld Thoughts. Technorati Rank: 11,939
  4. BijanBlog (Bijan Sabet, Spark Capital). Technorati Rank: 13,834
  5. Union Square Ventures. Technorati Rank: 15,568
  6. Lightspeed Venture Partners Blog. Technorati Rank: 17,629
  7. A VC. Technorati Rank: 18,175
  8. This is Going to be BIG. Technorati Rank: 29,826
  9. Venture Chronicles. Technorati Rank: 32,329
  10. Post Money Value. Technorati Rank: 33,674
  11. VentureBlog. Technorati Rank: 44,344
  12. Redeye VC. Technorati Rank: 48,789
  13. TJ’s Weblog. Technorati Rank: 93,109
  14. Seeing Both Sides. Technorati Rank: 108,030
  15. Who Has Time For this?. Technorati Rank: 131,933
  16. Jeff Clavier’s Software Only. Technorati Rank: 131,933
  17. BeyondVC. Technorati Rank: 138,90
  18. Seeing Both Sides. Technorati Rank: 147,186
  19. Paul Allen. Technorati Rank: 156,048
  20. Burnham’s Beat. Technorati Rank: 166,260
  21. EarlyStageVC. Technorati Rank: 177,068
  22. Set Levine’s VC Adventure. Technorati Rank: 190,091
  23. VC Confidential. Technorati Rank: 204,504
  24. Florida Venture Blog by Dan Rua. Technorati Rank: 220,576
  25. Will Price. Technorati Rank: 229,434

*Ranked according to Technorati. Don’t take too much stock in any blog’s particular numbers; all of these blogs are in the top percentile. Many others, which just missed the top rankings according to citations, are nonetheless great blogs, like Genuine VC; Dealflow; Above the Crowd;; Sacred Cow Dung; and Tim Oren’s Due Diligence.

Technorati Rank is calculated based on how far you are from the top. The smaller your Technorati Rank, the closer you are to the top. But, this is not an objective standard since (a) the rankings change almost daily since Technorati Rank is based upon the number of blogs linking to another blog in just the last 6 months and (b) links are not related to quality. So, take this for what it’s worth.

We think you’ll find some good reading among this group regardless of rank. If you have a top venture blog you think should be listed, send me an e-mail and I will update the list.

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