footballdummies.jpgThe Law Bloggers Fantasy Football League, Blawger Bowl IV, wrapped up this year with a surprise rookie win.  The league, made up of draft teams managed by law blawgers, has proven that talent is not a requirement for success.

The No-Whip Mochas (8-5) brought down perennial winner Bizz Bang Buzzers (9-4), although not without a struggle to maintain any sense of dignity.  No gloating here, this was definitely an accidental win.


Bizz Bang Buzzers
Collateral Estoppel
Draconian Measures
Eminent Domainers
Fatboy Special
No Whip Mocha

We’ll see who returns next year.  You can join by dropping a line to Kevin Heller, the Tech Law Advisor and commissioner of the Legal Bloggers Fantasy Football League.

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