732-high-tech-pats-181×135.gifThere has been a lot of activity at the Supreme Court and at the PTO in the last year. The increase in litigation increases the cost of pursuing patents and the serious pitfalls companies will face if they are not careful.

It doesn’t take the Amazing Kreskin to realize that the PTO is rejecting a significantly higher number of patents as a result of mounting pressures over patent quality as well as the outcomes of recent Supreme Court cases.

Now, you can join a lot of your very smart colleagues at the American Conference Institute’s High Tech Patent Prosecution seminar to be held Tuesday, January 20, 2009 to Wednesday, January 21, 2009, in San Jose, California.

Also to be offered:  Master Class on Advanced Claim Drafting Techniques for High-Tech Patent Holders (January 22, 2008).

This course is directed to Patent Counsel, Patent Agents, Directors of IP, Strategic Planning Professionals, Intellectual Asset Management Professionals, and Technology Planning Professionals.  If you are a practitioner in one of the High Tech Industries (Semiconductors, Telecomm, Software, Electronics, Mechanics, Computer), you need this course.

This is your opportunity to join fellow high-tech patent practitioners as they discuss PTO and recent legal developments, claim drafting, and the changing nature of the industry.

Register on-line with ACI here.

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