ipduenyc.gifWhether you are a company conducting diligence or a target being examined, you need to ensure the value of the IP with a thorough and effective IP due diligence review.

In this light, the American Conference Institute’s 6th National Conference on Pharma/Biotech IP Due Diligence will be held at the Marriott East Side, New York, NY, on Wednesday, January 28, 2009 to Thursday, January 29, 2009.

IP due diligence is now a central concern and struggle for companies in life science-related industries, due to the substantial growth of mergers and acquisitions, spin-outs, and divestitures, as well as the evolving role of licensing and collaborative arrangements. If the due diligence is not properly conducted, you run the risk of loss of reputation, loss of profits, or even ruin.

Furthermore, since the intellectual property at issue can make or break a deal, it is imperative that you are aware of all of the current changes to patent practices. Proposed legislation, recent case law and proposed USPTO Rules complicate the patent landscape even further.

This conference is billed as the ONLY proven event where an experienced faculty of leading IP practitioners and in-house patent and IP counsel will not only give you the most up-to-date information about a constantly evolving patent landscape, but will show you how to incorporate these changes into your diligence review to accurately analyze the value of the IP.

You will also learn best practices from representatives of leading companies who have “been there” and managed successful and cost-effective IP diligence review, including practical advice and the tools you need to develop flexible checklists, structure the review based on the type of deal, evaluate the patent portfolio, prepare for the review and much more.

There is also and add-on Master Class: Drafting a Comprehensive Due Diligence Report – One Size Does Not Fit All

More information and registration is at the ACI website.

Patent Baristas is a Media Partner for this event.

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