patent-opinion-181×135.gifBilled as the ONE AND ONLY course where you will learn how to add value to your practice by drilling into the complex nuances of pharmaceutical and biotech patent opinion writing to reveal the strategies, solutions, and tactics for successfully tackling the issues, ACI’s Intensive Course in Pharmaceutical and Biotech Patent Opinion Writing will bring you an exceptional faculty with deep expertise in this complex area of patent law.

An evolving impact of In Re Seagate, conflicting views on the necessity of a patent opinion, and the massive cost factor combine with other issues to create critical, timely, and multidimensional considerations for pharmaceutical and biotech patent attorneys.

To break through these considerations, you must have a thorough understanding of the diverse approaches that the experts use in counseling their clients.

In the course, you will learn how to master the new challenges in the dynamic labyrinth of patent opinion writing in this exclusive course. This course is the ONE place where you will find patent attorneys with the passion, reputation, and resource of knowledge required to give you crucial insights on:

  • What to put in writing, what to leave out
  • Determining whether the client needs a patent opinion
  • Mastering the core complexities of writing validity and non-infringement opinions
  • Defining the elements of an effective FTO search
  • Measuring the scope of the patent opinion
  • Clarifying, incorporating, and forecasting the impact of In Re Seagate in your analysis

American Conference Institute’s Pharmaceutical and Biotech Patent Opinion Writing will be held in three choice locations:

  1. November 17-18, 2008, Boston, MA,
  2. December 8-9, 2008, Atlanta, GA
  3. January 12-13, 2009, San Diego, CA

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  1. This looks great, an I am contemplating going to the San Diego session. Does anyone know the best childcare contacts in San Diego? I would need to bring my baby.