The E-Commerce Law blog has served up an amazing “50 Stars of the Blawgosphere” Independence Day Blawg Review #167.  In the review, one important or influential legal blog or blogger from each of the 50 states is represented as five-pointed stars on the Flag — Patent Baristas is honored with carrying the Ohio Star — in the order in which their state ratified the United States Constitution or was admitted to the Union.

Some noteworthy Stars include Drug and Device Law, which has a collection of all of the cases addressing whether patients who allege no physical injuries may bring products liability claims against the manufacturers of drugs or medical devices.

In addition, Useful Arts discusses “how trademark, copyright, privacy, and politics shape the Web.” While dense, Patently-O’s piece by Michael Martin details how patent suits are about more than money in “Reigniting the Engine of Growth with the Sparkplug of Invention.”

If you have the time, we really recommend that you review the Word of Employment blog’s take on “Bearing Arms in the Workplace” by John Phillips.  He sums it up thusly:

Some will say that the group rejoicing most over the Supreme Court’s recent Second Amendment decision is the so-called gun rights group.  They’re wrong.  The group rejoicing most is the legal profession.  Lawyers have been given a new line of work that will run for decades, maybe another 200 years.  I’ve always had the highest respect for the U.S. Supreme Court.

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  1. Thanks very much for the plug for my post “Bearing Arms in the Workplace.”

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