Brett Trout at BlawgIT has posted the Patent Meme after noticing that patent attorneys are the epitome of sex appeal, with thousands of bloggers fawning over patents and the like.

Started as an “If only I could have a link to all the important patent law blogs in one place,” Brett has compiled a list of patent blogs to raise awareness of the genre.

From the p-meme, here are some that I was not reading regularly but are worth a look:

Benefit of Hindsight – an anonymous blog by a DC patent associate who “would like to move to boutique and remove anonymity.”

Patent Arcade – resource for video game IP law, news, cases, and commentary.

Patentably Academic – billed as the saga of a Patent Examiner in the Patent Training Academy (PTA).

Patentably Defined – a patent prosecution blog by an astrophysicist.

Post-Grant – dedicated to post-grant patent procedures set off by the Patent Act of 2005, the precursor of the Patent Act of 2006, which is the precursor of the Patent Act of 2007, which is soon to be the precursor the Patent Act of 2008.

See the whole list here.

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