This week’s Blawg Review #130 has two hosts, both mediators, and one for each hemisphere. Geoff Sharp, in Wellington, New Zealand, is covering the Southern Hemisphere in his own edition of Blawg Review.  Meanwhile, the Online Guide to Mediation is covering the Northern Hemisphere edition from Boston.

We especially enjoyed the linguistic rollercoaster ride at the Language Log where there is a discussion over a misplaced “not” versus a misplaced brain in a new Arkansas law.  The law seemingly intended to establish 18 as the minimum age to marry while also allowing pregnant minors to marry with parental consent. However, the law as currently written allows any person younger than eighteen (18) years of age to marry (including babies) — as long as they are not pregnant and get parental consent.

We’ll have to get back to you on Lowering the Bar’s review of a woman’s quest to escape state sovereignty.

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  1. Stephen, thank you so much for your kind support of the double edition of Blawg Review #130! Geoff and I both really appreciate it.

    I see that Patent Baristas has signed up to host next year — I’m definitely looking forward to your presentation!

    Best wishes,