The omnipotent, anonymous Editor-n-Chef of Blawg Review has started “Simply the Best”, a “meme” where he tags 10 blawgs as his favorites, and then asks each author to do the same on his/her blog, and so on, and so forth.

Patent Baristas was named as runner-up in the category of favorites by blogger Monica Bay, author of the Common Scold. Monica Bay is editor-in-chief of Law Technology News, a magazine about innovations in technology for the legal profession.

I’m not sure how one can narrow down the selection but it is interesting to see how people pull together different collections based on their own experiences.

Without further ado, he’s my off-the-cuff list:

Top 10

  1. Adam Smith, Esq.
  2. Fire of Genius
  3. Go Fug Yourself (not a blawg but essential daily reading)
  4. Invent Blog
  5. morepartnerincome (I’m trying to earn myself a cycling jersey)
  6. Orange Book Blog
  7. Patent Docs Blog
  8. Patently-O
  9. Pharmalot
  10. PHOSITA Patent Blawg

Runners up (because I ran out of room): Patent Infringement Updates, The Patent Prospector, Promote the Progress, Wired GC.

New (to my radar): IPThoughts, BioPharm Blog, Colorado Life Science Deal Flow, patentalpha

Let me know who you think should be on the list.

Update:  J. Craig Williams at May It Please The Court (how did I forget to list MIPTC?) has listed Patent Baristas as one of his choices for 10 favorite law blogs.  He also tags greats SCOTUS and Blawg Review.

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  1. Although not IP related (ala go fug yourself), try and you will become superfantastic. Also, from Michael Kelleher of Folger Levin & Kahn. by Bill Heinze. For agreements, try very comprehensive and keeps you on your best drafting behavior.

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