Gene Quinn of has decided to cash in on his blog’s name and put the site up for sale at The current bid is listed at $32,000 with a Buy It Now for $250,000.

Quinn justifies the price because it attracts almost 19,000 unique visitors a month and he claims that IPWatchdog is  more popular than  The domain name was up for auction in May 2007 and before the auction was closed the top bid was $350,000. The Internet Real Estate Group ultimately purchased for an undisclosed amount (which Quinn states as “reportedly between $1 to $2 million” but I couldn’t confirm this).

Quinn is also not just selling the domain name, but the sale also includes the content of the site (unlike the sale), and he is willing to stay on in some capacity to ensure the buyer meaningfully captures the good will he has built up with

For more information, go to and click on the “For Sale” banner.
Given that gets about 16,000 unique visitors and 62,000 visits per month, I’ll have to consider selling.  Please make the check out to Patent Baristas, c/o The Cayman Islands…

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