We currently have a client interested in making an acquisition in the U.S.  The criteria are listed below:

Location: Anywhere in the 48 Contiguous States, excluding California

Size in Sales: $5,000,000 to $15,000,000

Type of Business: Manufacturing, Non-Union, with a successful history

Type of Ownership: Privately Owned/Held or a Division/Subsidiary of Public Company

Type of Purchase: Asset Purchase

Type of Industry: Not “O.E.M.” Automotive, Not High Environmental Issues, Not High Labor Intensive

If you know of any companies that meet the above criteria and are looking to be acquired, please contact me.

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One Comment

  1. re: IP asset offer:BRAND

    Match the national brands.

    Dear Sir: “Instant Brandname Recognition”

    Multinational mktg.

    U.S.Trademark Rights available by owner,U.S.Nonwovens Corp.,seeking Regional retailer.

    Would “your firm” have access to a prospective U.S.trademark rights acquisition, Licensee,or Private equity?

    Fabric Softener: Int’l.Class 3, Reg.No.1,988,984
    Registered July 23,1996

    Niche product of high quality
    Private label.
    Disney letters: 1981 & 1995


    “Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs”

    Softens the Most Famous Clothes in the World!

    Risk management for Brands in the marketplace, have a better survival rate with

    a famous brand identity over the competition.

    WHY? Famous first impressions count, at the Point of Purchase.

    This is a critical factor for the investor.

    SNUGGLE fabric softener grossed $48M in 1993.
    P&G, DOWNY
    Dial Corp./Henkel

    {Company background}
    See Website: usnonwovens.com

    USA Detergents,NICE’N FLUFFY.
    Reckitt Benckiser Plc, WOOLITE.
    Phoenix Brands,FINAL TOUCH, fabric softener.

    Allied Capital/Redox Brands/Oxydol detergent,BIZ.
    Orange glo International
    Prestige Brands/Comet cleanser,Prell,etc.

    I look forward to your recommendation.

    Best regards,

    Roger L.Chatterton,Founder of the trademark. rlctm2001@yahoo.com
    P.O.Box 20211
    Dayton,OH 45420 USA