Jim Harlan, Patent Counsel at Siemens Automation and Drives, UGS PLM Software (and former Blawger Bowl III competitor), has gone wild and started a new patent blog, Patents Gone Wild. The site features Jim’s thoughts/musings on the business impact patents play as an intangible asset.

One recent post asks about the ramifications of the Indian Patent Act, which requires that anyone (including corporations) resident in India who wish to file a patent abroad, say the US, must first obtain a foreign filing license from the Indian Government.

Jim asks:

What does that mean for a US Corp that utilizes developers in India, where those developers are potentially inventors?

Does this include Provisional Applications?

In the US, the inventors are the applicants, but in India the Corp is the applicant. What effect does that have on the process?

I would be interested in hearing the opinions of patent practitioners in India on these questions.

Update on 09/19/07:

Due to a cease and desist letter from a certain company using the words “Gone Wild” in their name, Jim has moved Patents Gone Wild to a new site:  Feral Patents 

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