Some recent new blogs have come across my desk that I wanted to pass along to readers.The first is the self-explanatory Generic Pharmaceuticals & IP, which looks at the IP issues in terms of the generic drug manufacturer. This blog offers the perspective of a patent attorney working in a generic pharmaceutical company in India. A good, representative post is on the heated in-fighting of generic vs. generic lawsuits.

The second is the not so self-explanatory PatentMonkey, which provides an open and freely accessible version of a patent search and review site with a plethora of features. On PatentMonkey, there is a page dashboard to review patents at a high level to find ones worth a deeper review, including: a readable patent front page; option of claims, abstract or description sections; and navigation all optimized to one monitor screen. 

PatentMonkey claims to be the only site that offers a free online search engine that displays a patent’s status information on every patent detail page. It also offers the Infinite Monkey Theorem blog that covers various patent-related topics.  There are plans to add design patents and applications quite soon.

We recommend that you check both out.


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