The guys at have announced a new search feature — cleaverly named — that gives you quick and easy access to patent caselaw and commentary. Here’s how it works:A Google-powered search box is provided on the left side of the page. Search results are presented under the box once a search is performed (it’s even pre-loaded with a search). Just enter your search string and click the button.

A series of tabs appears below the search box. Clicking on these tabs will focus your search results as follows: Case Reviews” – this tab gives you case reviews that match your search criteria.

Court opinions” – this tab presents the results of your search performed on .pdf’s of court opinions.

Leading commentary” – gives you results from only select patent law blogging sites, like Patent Baristas.

News” – this tab presents the results of a Google news search.

Web” – this tab gives the results of a Google web search. Because you never, ever know….

In addition, a “blog bar” gives you a live search for patent-related content across all blogs on the web. Also, check out the cool listing of the leading commentators.

It’s a great site with lots of patent informational needs.

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One Comment

  1. I tried the tool, searching for any commment from my IP weblog – there are none. Guess I’m ‘trailing’ rather than “leading.”