In our knowledge-based economy, Intellectual Property (IP) management is of strategic importance as it is proving to be the primary driver of corporate earnings. According to some experts, over 85% of the market valuation of the S&P 500 is represented by intangible assets. However, as a result of budgetary constraints and the lack of an easily demonstrable cause-and-effect relationship between investments in IP protection and management efforts, and revenues, many companies may be foregoing investment in IP management and allowing valuable IP to go unprotected, or its value to be under-realized.

At its core, a successful IP management plan will create an IP monopoly that is valid and enforceable since, ultimately, the value of a technology will be a direct measure of its chances for success in litigation. Therefore, I regularly counsel clients to adopt an aggressive stance towards exploitation. Companies should identify existing IP assets and ongoing research that might be exploited in view of market demand, decide how it can best be protected legally, identify routes to commercial development, and secure and negotiate with appropriate development partners.  In addition, I urge clients to consider enforceability upfront and throughout the process of building an IP portfolio.

IncrementalAdvantage is now putting on a conference “Managing Intellectual Property for Maximum Returns” to be held in New York City, January 16-17, 2007.  This is an opportunity to listen to world-renowned authorities discuss a multitude of methods for deriving value from intellectual assets. You can hear the best strategies for managing and monetizing your patent portfolio as well as learn how to turn your company’s IP portfolio from a dormant asset into a dynamic asset.

To register, call Neomi Barazani at 609-919-1895 x100, or email

Unless you’re a Patent Troll, then never mind.  

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  1. IP asset offer: Match the national brands.

    Dear Sir: “Instant Brandname Recognition”

    U.S.Trademark Rights available by owner,U.S.Nonwovens Corp.

    Would your firm have access to a prospective U.S.trademark rights acquisition or licensee?

    Fabric Softener,etc. Int’l.Class 3, Reg.No.1,988,984
    Registered July 23,1996
    Niche product of high quality
    Private label.
    Disney letters: 1981 & 1995

    “Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs”

    Softens the Most Famous Clothes in the World!

    Risk management for Brands in the marketplace, have a better survival rate with

    a famous brand identity over the competition.

    WHY? Famous first impressions count, at the Point of Purchase.

    This is a critical factor for the investor.

    SNUGGLE fabric softener grossed $48M in 1993.
    P&G, DOWNY
    Dial Corp./Henkel
    USA Detergents Owner seeking retailer.
    Reckitt Benckiser Plc/Woolite U.S.Nonwovens Corp.
    Brentwood,New York
    Phoenix Brands/Final Touch fabric softener.

    Allied Capital/Redox Brands/Oxydol detergent,BIZ.
    Orange glo International
    Prestige rands/Comet cleanser,etc.

    I look forward to your recommendation.

    Best regards,

    Roger L.Chatterton,Founder
    P.O.Box 20211
    Dayton,OH 45420 USA