David Harlow’s HealthBlawg presents Blawg Review #88, arranged with musical musings and links to some of the greatest musicians.  On putting together the review, Harlow quotes Duke Ellington, master pianist, composer and bandleader, who once said of performing: “It’s like an act of murder, you play with intent to commit something.”  Showing that bloggers stick together in order to find others who don’t think they’re nuts, the first Healthcare Blogging Summit was organized by The Medical Blog Network.

Also coming up on Christmas Day this year, Blawg Review presents the lawyers, law students and law professors who blog with this year’s Blawg Review Awards. They’re looking for submissions and recommendations for Blawg Review Awards 2006 and even if a law blog doesn’t fit one of the listed categories, you’re free to make up a new category and they’ll consider it for special recognition this year.

Don’t forget the Patent Barsistas for best coffee-themed blawg, served up daily. 

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