The Blawg Review Editor sent me a tip about Light Cafés in Stockholm, which now offer Swedes the chance to take in a little sun with their morning coffee. Since Stockholm only receives five hours of light a day in winter, patrons at the Iglo Ljuscafé sip their morning brew while soaking in artificial sun from special lights – after taking off their shoes and slipping into white robes provided at the door, or course.

The sun-deprived can spend an hour “ljusing” (literally “brightening” in English) at the café. Breakfast and an hour of light treatment will run you 160 Swedish Krona or about $24 U.S. I can’t make it to Sweden this year (although I wish I could pick up a new XC70) so I got the funky, blue light emitting diode (LED) golite to counteract the effects of spending all my time in a north-facing office. Even Eastman Kodak is getting into the act.

Not sure if it works. I still want to through my co-workers out the window. Maybe I’ll try stronger coffee.

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