A month ago, Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites ran a LawSites Poll: Your Top Legal Blog. Deemed “an experiment”, Robert hopes to use the poll to deal with the flood of law blogs.

Robert wanted to know:

What is the one law-related blog you feel you must read as regularly as possible? No fair naming your own. From your responses, I hope to find guidance in deciding which blogs should be on my own must-read list.

Well the votes are in and in a tie for Third Place, voters placed votes for Patent Baristas along with Patently-O and, coincidentally, LawSites.

To be fair, I must confess that I got busy with a talk I was giving and forgot to vote.  What’s worse, the site I was going to vote for was none other than:  Patently-O!  Sorry ’bout that Dennis.

 See the further drama here.

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