A new blog I came across is IP Law Daily, listed as a media perils, cyberlaw and patent blawg. It is the latest venture from Kevin Heller of Tech Law Advisor fame. According to the site, IP Law Daily monitors approximately 75 intellectual proeprty related legal weblogs (blawgs) and aggregates all the interesting tidbits of information from these sites, flowing through the tubes of the internet, in one place. A handy site if you don’t use an RSS reader.

I received a note from Lee Thomason, an IP attorney (and ex-FBT’er) at Spalding & Thomason, about his new blawg ISinIP. Described as a weblawg for Innovative Strategies In IP, Lee sums things up thusly:

If your ship must travel a straight course, through still water, then any mate can handle that. If however, rough water or unexpected difficulties may be encountered, then you are better served with a captain who has completed many such voyages before.

And finally, in the non-legal sector, Drug Channels brings expert viewpoints by Dr. Adam J. Fein on the latest pharmaceutical distribution trends affecting manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacies, PBMs, and payers. Fein provides a lot of insight into what can be done to stop counterfeit drugs.

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