The Baristas will be hosting the next exciting episode of the Carnival of Biotechnology on April 10th. The Carnival of Biotechnology is a regular roundup of the best blog posts on biotechnology. The carnival is guest-hosted by different sites, ensuring diversity in content and viewpoints. Biotechnology topics to submit include:

  • Finance and business development
  • Law
  • Regulations and Politics
  • Science
  • Investing
  • Careers
  • U.S. Clusters and Global Trends
  • Editorial Direction

Submit your posts at Please feel free to pass along any sites that you think should be considered. Since I’ll be at BIO2006 on Monday, April 10, you’ll need to get your posts in early – I’ll have to post the Carnival on the 9th.

If you’re interested in hosting the Carnival, drop an email to

[Note to rethink(IP): We promise to not let it become some bloated, link-whore-optimized vestigial detritus left stinking up the internet.]

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