There are a lot of blogs in the world so I tend to cringe when I see another one (I don’t want to have to keep up with yet more information). But, I’ll just mention a new collaborative law blog, named Blawgr, that was set loose last month as the brainchild of Stephen Nipper, Doug Sorocco, Matt Buchanan and Kevin Heller.

Blawgr is a community weblog, which means other law bloggers can sign up for a account and make posts/comments. This can be good or bad, depending upon your perspective. While difficult to describe concisely, Nipper summarizes it thusly:

“If you have a blog and want to mention one of your stellar posts…this is the place to do it (just don’t be too shameless). If you have a blog and have an off topic (for your blog) post…this is the place to do it. If you don’t blog but want to see what it is like…this is the place for you.”

We applaud the collaborative nature of the site and think it deserves to be added to your RSS list. We look forward to seeing it evolve.

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