Blawg Review #42, is up at Cyberlaw Central bringing the answer to life, the universe and everything! In his memory, the theme for Blawg Review #42 revolves around the most famous work of Douglas Adams [1952-2001].

Don’t miss David Maister’s post at Passion, People and Principles. In his recent post entitled Warlords and Dickensian Factory Owners, he looks at the practice of law noting:

“Why do law firms find it so hard to understand that a feudal warlord system forcing everyone to work harder is not the height of mankind’s achievement in civilization? I have spent twenty years trying to say all professions look similar and can learn from each other, but I’m finally prepared to concede that lawyers are different – and it has nothing to do with economics.”

Also, don’t miss the excellent business blog round-up on Carnival of the Capitalists #121 being hosted by the Sorocco/Buchanan team at PHOSITA. We especially enjoyed Paying Taxes: Sport Or Folly? by J. Craig Williams.

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