Evan Schaeffer’s Legal Underground hosts Blawg Review #38 this week with a timely theme: resolutions. His list of Ten New Year’s Resolutions for Bloggers was born from his recent talk at BlawgThink 2005 in Chicago.

We most appreciated Resolution 1: Mix It Up. This is one we want to strive for in 2006. Even though Patent Baristas is narrowly focused in the bioscience/pharma IP field, we’ll try to follow a mix-it-up philosophy.

The remaining Resolutions are:

  • Resolution 2: Prove You Have a Personality
  • Resolution 3: Be a Better Writer
  • Resolution 4: Write for the Computer Screen
  • Resolution 5: Use Photos
  • Resolution 6: Don’t Be Obscure
  • Resolution 7: Build a Community
  • Resolution 8: Experiment with New Weblogging Ideas
  • Resolution 9: Don’t Let Your Weblog Make You Crazy
  • Resolution 10: Learn from Other Weblogs
  • We also enjoyed learning about the Online Guide to Mediation and the seasonal post, “Jingle Bell Hack: A Hacker Takes on Santa.”

    Check out the details of Evan’s Resolutions here.

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