Blawg Review #27 is up at Legal Blog Watch – hosted by Lisa Stone, originator of BlogHer. Although not an attorney, it is said that she has “as much judicial experience as Harriet Miers.” Stone is a journalist who covers legal blogging with pluck.

In this week’s Blawg Review, Stone presents a nice update on Blawghers – women and legal blogging. Earlier this week on Coast to Coast, a legal audiocast by Bob Ambrogi and J. Craig Williams, Stone joined Monica Bay of the Common Scold and Attorney Sean Carter, who blogs Lawpsided, in a discussion of diversity in the blawgosphere. With the increasing amount of women attorneys and female law students, we are hoping women in the blawgs can mirror this trend as we all gain valuable insight from our female colleagues (like our own Karlyn).

We recommend that you check out the Legal Blog Watch and Blawg Review #27.

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