Over the summer, whenever you’d think you’d have beaucoup time on your hands, I tend to be busier than ever with taking care of kids and my home and getting to all those things I put off during the school year. So, a lot of little “detail” action items tend to build up on my desk. This includes getting around to mentioning some of the blog sites that I find or become aware of.

One of those is the Patent Prospector, a blog “intended to be informed and practical information, opinion, and sassy entertainment about patents, especially aspects relating to the life cycle of patents.” The site, by Gary Odom and others of Patent Hawk LLC, has a good assortment of helpful posts that tend to be useful for people in the IP field. Noteworthy is that the site is an open forum weblog for patent practitioners where contributions are welcomed.

Their latest item has a nice update on how Ross Perot has become a principal in a $200 million private equity fund set up to buy companies with undervalued patent portfolios in such areas as semiconductors, biotech, nanotechnology and software.

We recommend that you check them out.

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