Maybe we’re on to something with coffee and legal work. The Editor of the Blawg Review suggested we trademark Patent Baristas and set up a new shop after seeing this posting on George Lenard’s Employment Blawg

Law Coffee.bmp
(photo by Fifi LePew/Marcia Cirillo via flickr)


We won’t ask why he was looking for “law & coffee” but he stumbled across this Dallas-based coffeeshop/law office combination offering a la carte basic flat fee legal services.

While I think most anything goes better with coffee, patents would certainly pair particularly well (the tedious details, you know). We’ll have to consider a new venture of “Patents & Coffee” … by the ocean. And with scones.

If you aren’t familiar with them already, check out the Employment Blog for their news, analysis & comments on labor & employment law.

We’ll see you at the beach.

[Updated 06/10/05. ed.]

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One Comment

  1. This is a great blog.

    You all should go into business with this name. There is open space at the new USPTO location in Alexandria and we are waiting for someone to put a good coffee shop in one of the locations here.