We’ve gotten behind in some (OK, a lot) of to-do items on the site so we’ll try to get caught up on some housecleaning. One item of note is that the Patent Baristas received a nice mention by Monica Bay in the Common Scold. Besides being editor-in-chief of Law Technology News, editorial director of Law Firm Inc. and Small Firm Business, and a rabid Yankees fan, she includes singing with Luciano Pavarotti in her spare time.

The Common Scold, named after the Puritan act of dunking opinionated women in the local pond, is a tough, opinionated law blog but hard to describe in a nutshell. Law news? Check. Law practice management? Check. Legal technology? Double check. Lawyer jokes? Of, course! Wine recommendations? Got that, too. Line up of all the best baseball movies? It’s in there.

If you’re not already a regular reader, we recommend you check out the Common Scold (whether or not you happen to be a Yankees fan).

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