I realize there are about 9 million blogs out there so new sites do not generate the excitement they once did. And while I can only monitor a handful, I keep finding news blogs that are quite worthwhile. In case you didn’t see these, I wanted to mention a couple of new ones noted by Steve Nipper.

The first is billed as “the final resting place for all of our thoughts, comments, insight, podcasts, whitepapers, action figure order forms, etc.” to come out of the ABA Techshow meeting: the rethink(ip) blog.

This is another effort (evolution, really) by Douglas Sorroco, Stephen Nipper, and Matthew Buchanan to go with their pocasting site RETHINK(IP) ALOUD (in MP3 format). These guys are like the Army. They do more before 9 a.m. than most people do all day.

Also of note, the folks at TechnoLawyer.com have officially launched the TechnoLawyer Blog, a legal technology resource that will supplement the TechnoLawyer website. It is cited as “an amalgam of pithy commentary, industry news, and other helpful information compiled by Neil Squillante and Sara Skiff.”

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  1. TechnoLawyer Blog in the News

    We would like to thank all the legal bloggers who have announced the launch of our new Web site and blog over the past few days!

  2. thank you for such a great opening weekend

    It has been a crazy couple of days since the launch of Rethink(ip). A blog, more than a dozen posts and a podcast have contributed to our sleep deprived euphoria. So, what do we think so far … it has…