Those who know me know I have an attention span that’s measured in microseconds. Therefore, when people started talking about podcasts and podcasting as “the next big thing”, I let out a groan thinking this would be yet another thing I wouldn’t be able to pay attention to long enough to benefit. But after giving it some thought, I’m starting to reconsider. After all, I do listen to some streaming audio as a way of time-shifting my listening and for some programs (like Car Talk on NPR with Click and Clack) reading the transcript on-line just wouldn’t provide the same enjoyment as listening – or at least it wouldn’t have nearly the same impact.

And so I tuned in to the new intellectual property law podcast put together by Douglas Sorroco, Stephen Nipper, and Matthew Buchanan as a joint venture called RETHINK(IP) ALOUD (in MP3 format) – a sort of three-way, long-distance intellectual property law podcast (now being called a blawgcast).


I was a little taken aback by the size of the first casting (21MB!) but I decided to give it a try. I found it engaging and enjoyed that it was very professional – including some cool guitar intro music [‘Hastings Street’ by Blind Blake and Charlie Spand]. It was also nice to hear some of the real “voices” behind Phosita, Promote the Progress, and the Invent Blog.

They’re asking for any comments and/or suggestions and/or praise to: I recommend you give it a whirl as an alternative format for getting some IP updates and then send them your thoughts.

Also of note, if you are interested in blawgcasts, there is now one easy RSS feed to get updates from the new site called, put together by Kevin Heller (Tech Law Advisor) and Evan Schaeffer (Notes from the (Legal) Underground) – a sort of one stop source for all your legal podcasts.

Both of these efforts are first rate and deserve high praise. We look forward to the evolution of the species.

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