For everyone who’s wished they had a patent on something ubiquitous, there was a recent article on Bill Holloway who has a patent on a formula for water – and four more pending. About this point, you’re thinking: "Isn’t the formula H20?" Apparently, the company Penta is the leading pure-water company at health food stores.

Holloway claims "Our water is purified with a unique molecular structure that has been proven to be absorbed by human cells faster and more effectively than other water.  Simply put, Penta will help your body stay healthy and function like it’s supposed to."  Holloway claims the water formula even saved his life. Some years ago, he was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome, and he began researching ways to combat the disease, working on the simple fact that water is the conduit that delivers and manages the recovery of damaged cells in the body.

So, Holloway set about figuring out how to purify ordinary city water with a new method of reverse osmosis. The resulting highly purified water caused him to feel better and to lead a relatively normal life. He claims that Penta is the only formula utilizing a natural physics process instead of chemicals to restructure water. It’s this process that they’ve patented. The patent, U.S. Pat. No. 6,521,248, entitled "Micro-cluster liquids and methods of making and using them" is described as:


The invention provides novel micro-cluster liquids and methods for manufacturing and using them. The micro-cluster liquids comprise fractionized or micro-cluster liquids, (e.g. water, such as oxygenated micro-cluster water). The methods comprise causing cavitation of a liquid to form cavitation bubbles under a first pressure followed by depressurization to a second pressure to cause implosion and explosion of the cavitation bubbles such that acoustical energy shockwaves are created.  The micro-cluster water (e.g., oxygenated micro-cluster water) is used to deliver hydration, oxygenation, or agents, such as nutritional agents or medications, and increasing overall cellular performance and exchanging liquids in the cell within minutes of consumption.

1. A process for producing a micro-cluster liquid, comprising: subjecting a liquid to cavitation such that dissolved entrained gases in the liquid form a plurality of cavitation bubbles; and subjecting the liquid containing the plurality of cavitation bubbles to a reduced pressure, wherein the reduction in pressure causes breakage of large liquid molecule matrices into smaller liquid molecule matrices, thereby producing a micro-cluster liquid.

33. A micro-cluster liquid produced by the process of claim 1 or 16.

44. A method for modulating a cellular performance comprising contacting a cell with a micro-cluster water made by the process of claim 1 or claim 16.

He said cancer chemotherapy patients seem to be at the top of the list of people drinking the water, along with teenagers suffering from acne and people with cirrhosis and congenital heart disease.  He said that with chemo patients, as with people with arthritis, his water helps to reduce swelling.

I have to wonder how much is attributable to the fact that most people could stand to drink some extra water.  No word yet on whether or not the micro-cluster water could be used for cold fusion.

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