I know I preach that over-consumerism is a bad thing (see: simplify | the benefits of minimalism) but we’re back again this year with a list of the best gifts for patent geeks and entrepreneurs.  Here are some ideas to stimulate discussion.  So, sit back over a cup o’ joe and take some time to […]

We’re back again this year with a list of the best gifts for patent geeks and entrepreneurs.  We thought that No. 1 on our list would be the Apple Mystery Tablet but it’s still a no-show.  And, no, we’re not going to recommend the $1800 UWCP Underwater Cellular Phone System from OceanReef (see the bizarre […]

It’s been a wild ride of a year and it is with mixed emotions that we bring 2008 to a close.  With 228 posts and 6 million hits, a lot has gone into Patent Baristas and I hope this only improves next year. To wrap up the blogging year, I thought I’d just mention a […]

Patent attorneys are a diverse bunch so there’s no one definitive list for gift ideas.  Some litigators are always on the go — going to court, depositions and other meetings.  Others spend hours upon hours in their offices — generally, working at the computer.  Thus, we tried to come up with a list that is […]

Editor-in-Chief Barista, Stephen Jenei, will be live-blogging the BIO Intellectual Property Counsel Committee’s Fall Conference and Committee Meeting on Oct. 20-22, 2008, at the Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando, Orlando, Florida. The Conference should be an excellent opportunity for BIO members to hear, listen, and learn about current and projected topics related to biotechnology […]

The Starbucks Coffee Company has apparently decided not to protest the logo of the Rat City Rollergirls, a Seattle-based roller derby league.  According to Starbucks, the company had concerns about a “very similar look and feel of the logo.” Under trademark law, Starbucks had asked for an extension to file an official objection to the […]

Well, we wrapped up the Patent Baristas iBarista contest after two lucky winners were picked to receive iBarista iPods. Winner #1. Elliot Mendelson, a patent attorney at Marshall, Gerstein & Borun in Chicago, was randomly selected as the winner of an Apple iPod shuffle 1 GB for submitting a new comment on the PatentBaristas.com website […]

Just a final reminder of that we ended up having some iPod Shuffles left over from the BIO2008 International Convention.  In the new Patent Baristas iBarista contest, everyone has two new chances to pick up one of the iBarista iPods. Chance 1. For everyone to have an equal chance, I will randomly select a winner […]