In honor of Martin Luther King Day, I went with my daughter’s school class on a trip to see the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati.  It was quite moving, even for second-graders, to see a slave pen, a two-story structure rescued and preserved inside the Center.  The movie on slave escapes across the […]

Force Field Wireless claims to have developed a solution to the international menace of marauding geek wardrivers – DefendAir paint "laced with copper and aluminum fibers that form an electromagnetic shield, blocking most radio waves and protecting wireless networks". According to a South Florida Sun Sentinel article, one coat of the water-based paint "shields Wi-Fi, […]

The inventor of an LED technology has reluctantly agreed to a record settlement from his former employer in a dispute. Shuji Nakamura, now a professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, will receive 840 million yen ($8.1 million) from his former employer, the Nichia Corporation, for inventing blue-light-emitting diodes. Nichia secured lucrative patents for […]

I thought I’d post an update since I was making a donation today and thinking about the victims of the tsunami. The American Red Cross today announced a massive relief plan for those affected by the tsunamis, requiring an estimated $400 million to respond to both immediate and long-term needs now and years into the […]

According to a January 9, 2004 article in the New York Times Magazine by Ted C. Fishman, what makes China so troubling for American and other foreign companies is that the country is both a potential rival, with an alternative legal approach to intellectual property that limits their prospects in China and weakens their competitive […]

In Law Technology News,  Attorney Laura Owen of Cisco Systems recommends steps that companies must take to adapt to the changing legal landscape in her article "The Tech Evolution: Change or Die." While I don’t agree that failure to adapt legal practices causes a lot of corporate carcasses, embracing advances in legal work can make […]

I thought I’d mention that I have been working on updating my process for disseminating IP news.  I am currently in the process of switching over to TypePad blogging service to make things easier for people to find and review.  I will keep people posted on developments.

I’m sure that you have already heard about last Sunday?s massive earthquake and tsunami. It is expected to become the largest ever as the death toll continues to climb and now tops 115,000 victims, according to the United Nations. Millions of others are now homeless and without the basics needed for survival including food, water, […]