In Law Technology News,  Attorney Laura Owen of Cisco Systems recommends steps that companies must take to adapt to the changing legal landscape in her article "The Tech Evolution: Change or Die." While I don’t agree that failure to adapt legal practices causes a lot of corporate carcasses, embracing advances in legal work can make […]

I thought I’d mention that I have been working on updating my process for disseminating IP news.  I am currently in the process of switching over to TypePad blogging service to make things easier for people to find and review.  I will keep people posted on developments.

I’m sure that you have already heard about last Sunday?s massive earthquake and tsunami. It is expected to become the largest ever as the death toll continues to climb and now tops 115,000 victims, according to the United Nations. Millions of others are now homeless and without the basics needed for survival including food, water, […]

In a bit of shameless self-promotion, I wanted to post the following press release from my firm: Frost Brown Todd LLC, the region?s largest law firm in pleased to announce that eleven attorneys have been named Partners of the Firm effective January 1, 2005.  Frost Brown Todd has 370 + attorneys in seven offices located […]

I want to wish everyone a Happy Festivus. In case you don’t remember the history of Festivus from the show "Seinfeld," Frank Costanza went to buy a doll for his son one Christmas. He went to reach for the last one at the same time as another man and as Frank rained blows upon him, […]

For everyone who’s wished they had a patent on something ubiquitous, there was a recent article on Bill Holloway who has a patent on a formula for water – and four more pending. About this point, you’re thinking: "Isn’t the formula H20?" Apparently, the company Penta is the leading pure-water company at health food stores. […]

A proposal in Arizona to allow universities to enter partnerships with corporations was defeated despite no organized opposition and widespread support from prominent groups and top elected officials from both political parties. The proposition, defeated 52 to 48%, was to amend the Arizona Constitution, which prohibits the state government from becoming a shareholder or joint […]

As many know, I have started publishing a newsletter back in 1997 when I was still in-house patent counsel at the University of Cincinnati.  Basically, I wrote a collection of news items and updates on intellectual property and licensing issues and, when I collected 10 or 12 or so, I emailed it out in the […]