The Baristas received a nice mention on the IPKat blog, noted for “fishing for IP stories for YOU” by Jeremy Phillips and Ilanah Simon from the Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute. They write about copyright, patent, trade mark and privacy/confidentiality issues from a UK and European perspective. We get our updates from the Kats […]

The Washington Post reported that a three-judge panel for the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia said the Federal Communications Commission had exceeded its authority in requiring built-in, anti-piracy technology to let broadcasters and studios prevent digital shows from being copied. The “broadcast flag” would have been required in digital televisions […]

Now, what might you ask do these things have in common? Well, in what some reports claim to be a “surprise” announcement by Merck, the drug company announced today that Raymond V. Gilmartin was stepping down as chief executive of and that a longtime company insider, Richard T. Clark, would replace him. Frankly I don’t […]

We’re seeing more interest in patenting of micro- and nanotechnology inventions. Red Herring recently ran an interesting article describing a report by Lux Research entitled “The Nanotech Intellectual Property Landscape,” showing that, as of March, there were 3,818 nanotechnology patents issued by the USPTO with 1,777 more pending. The report describes a “crowded and entangled […]

The next edition of Blawg Review is up at Law & Entrepreneurship News. Law & Entrepreneurship News is a collaborative project involving Professor Gordon Smith and students at the University of Wisconsin Law School. Law & Entrepreneurship News provides a nice collection of information particularly of interest to small businesses and emerging growth companies. The […]

The Motley Fool offered the “Lowdown on Patent Shakedowns” and talked about the rise of the patent terrorists in a recent article. It seems that the rhetoric has really ratcheted up a notch recently – there must be some intense lobbying going on. The term patent terrorists (or the more polite, patent trolls) has been […]

In what may be a sign that blogs have jumped-the-shark, the current issue of BusinessWeek has a cover story emblazoned with large letters that “Blogs Will Change Your Business. Look past the yakkers, hobbyists, and political mobs. Your customers and rivals are figuring blogs out. Our advice: Catch up…or catch you later.” They cite some […]

Best Barista, Troels Overdal Poulsen of Copenhagen carried 12 liters of fresh, whole milk from his native Denmark to Seattle in beating five other finalists winning the sixth annual World Barista Championship. The contestants competed in an against-the-clock competition that required each barista to make four espressos, four cappuccinos and four “signature” drinks in just […]