Kevin Heller, the Tech Law Advisor and commissioner of the Legal Bloggers Fantasy Football League, is heading up Blawger Bowl III. The league is made up of draft teams managed by 12 law blawgers. Patent Baristas is participating – although how we got talked into this I’m not so sure. Current Roster: Anonymous Lawyer Bizz […]

If you’re familiar with the drug industry, it should come as no great shock that the Generic Pharmaceutical Association (GPhA) disagrees with a report put out by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA). According to a recent report commissioned by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), wholesale price discounts off brand […]

As I was scrolling through i-Tunes looking for some summer music to download, I happened to come across the song “Buttons” at almost the same time the news reports had come on reporting that the Senate, in a 63-37 vote, gave final approval to expanding federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research, which many scientists believe […]

In a bit of shameless self-promotion, we simply must announce that the Patent Baristas were ranked (again!) in the 2006 Edition of Chambers USA, a publication that ranks attorneys and their practices based upon peer and client review. Chambers USA touts the Intellectual Property Department as known for their “exceptional” attention to detail and impeccable […]

Pfizer announced today that the United Kingdom’s Court of Appeal has upheld the exclusivity of the main patent covering atorvastatin, the active ingredient in the company’s cholesterol lowering drug Lipitor. The appellate court ruling affirms a lower court decision in October 2005 which found that a proposed generic from Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd., an India-based pharmaceutical […]

Today, the US Supreme Court refused to become involved in a closely watched case that tested the legality of multimillion-dollar settlements between big pharma drug companies and their generic rivals. The issue in that case was whether these big drug companies – such as Schering-Plough, the company involved in the case – should be allowed […]

The Law of Karma states that “for every event that occurs, there will follow another event whose existence was caused by the first, and this second event will be pleasant or unpleasant according as its cause was skillful or unskillful.’ Apparently Merck has decided to create some karma of its own, deciding that it has […]

I’m really quite disturbed by a recent Federal Circuit decision which held that method claims can be infringed if the method is performed abroad, so long as “components of the method” are exported from the US. See Union Carbide v. Shell Oil Co. (Fed. Cir. 2005). This case is so wrong that I don’t know […]