According to Abulfas Garayev, Minister of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry has received a patent for the Azerbaijan breakfast brand.

According to the Minister:

“The new brand will be introduced in several hotels for the first time during the European Games to be held in Baku this June. Later it will be introduced in all the hotels of the country in compulsory order. Azerbaijan breakfast is a brand, which will not only promote the national cuisine but also will contribute to improvement of service quality in hotels.”

301935153According to the Minister, the patent was issued only for breakfast because usually tourists have only breakfast in hotels and prefer to spend the rest of the time outside hotel territory.

It’s a little hard to understand exactly what the patent covers for a breakfast consisting of items like sheep-cheese, honey, yogurt, fruit, scrambled eggs with tomato, bread and tea among other items.

Given the translation between languages and the overall propensity of journalists to confuse patents and trademarks, I wonder if this isn’t actually a trademark for the name Azerbaijan breakfast.  On the other hand, inventor Eugene Gagliardi made out with his patent on the Steak-Umm (US Pat. No. 5,346,711).

If anyone has a copy of the referenced patent, please send us a note.  We’d love to see the claims…

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