Last week, John Oliver on his HBO show Last Week Tonight. During Sunday’s episode, Oliver went after so-called “patent trolls,” companies whose sole mission is to purchase patents covering broad ideas who then sue others for patent infringement.

In one part of the segment, Oliver goes on that:

“Most of these companies don’t produce anything — they just shake down anyone who does, so calling them trolls is a little misleading — at least trolls actually do something, they control bridge access for goats and ask fun riddles. Patent trolls just threaten to sue the living shit out of people, and believe me, those lawsuits add up.”

Now, Patent Yogi has produced what it says is an “epic takedown of John Oliver’s video on patent trolls.”

According to Patent Yogi:

“John Oliver is on the spot in most cases. However, in his video on patent trolls, most of what of he said was essentially wrong.  Therefore, we have prepared a response to present all sides of the debate.”

Decide for yourself and see the video here:

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