is a new patent-related website that claims to use peer-reviewed patent valuation methodologies to rank patent attorneys and to profile patent examiners.

PatentStat uses comprehensive data-mining and cutting-edge analysis to help you choose the most appropriate patent attorney, and profiles patent examiners to help you manage patent prosecution.

The use-cases are to help patent filers intelligently select appropriate counsel in any one of 33 technology areas, and to help attorneys better know the examiners who are reviewing their applications.

The methodology is transparent (, and the listings are dynamic, allowing sorting based on each individual priorities (e.g. a patent filer may prioritize time-to-grant over any other metric).

Law firm and attorney profiles are developed through a transparent process:

  • All patents granted in the past ten years are grouped by technology area and by filing year
  • Each patent is scored based on intrinsic factors such as time to grant, back citations, claims, etc.
  • The patents in each group are ranked based on these factors
  • For each technology area, law firms and patent attorneys are profiled based on the average rank of their patents

Why have these metrics been chosen?

The metrics used by PatentStat have been validated through independent peer-reviewed research, or through use by international bodies such as the OECD

What if I disagree with these metrics?

PatentStat is transparent and flexible. No weighting is applied to the metrics — they are all considered at par — and the website also allows you to sort the lists by any of the metrics. So, you are free to play with the metrics and order the law firms and attorneys as you see fit.

Think this is a good idea or a not-so-good one?  Let us know.

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