I recently received a note form an in-house counsel asking for feedback on a proposed standard for invention disclosures.  This is an offshoot of LEDES (www.ledes.org) by representatives from universities, law firms, companies, and software vendors. The intent is to provide an open standard for transferring invention data, typically from inventors to their patent attorneys.

The LEDES Intellectual Property Matter Management (IPMM) subcommittee has presented to the LOC membership a working draft of an invention disclosure schema standard and now seeks public feedback.  The IPMM subcommittee also prepared an introductory video that presents the purpose and basic structure of the invention disclosure schemas.

The introductory video is available here.

Schemas:  IPMM-Draft-Schema-Public-Review-Aug-2014.zip (22 downloads)

A survey to collect public feedback is available here and will remain open until November 30, 2014.

LEDES.org was established by the LEDES Oversight Committee in 1998 as a global resource for standards created by the LEDES Oversight Committee to be used in the exchange of information between law departments or other legal organizations and the outside counsel and other legal vendors providing services to them.

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