Last chance to register for a free webinar is available on the new US Patent & Trademark Office Guidelines.

When:                 This Wednesday, May 21st from 1pm – 2pm EDT. 

Presented by:   Dr. Anthony Sabatelli, Partner at Dilworth IP. 

On March 4th the US Patent and Trademark Office issued guidelines to its examining corps for assessing patent eligible subject matter under 35 USC §101. The guidelines were issued in light of the Supreme Court’s decisions in Myriad, Prometheus, and related cases. See, “Guidance For Determining Subject Matter Eligibility Of Claims Reciting Or Involving Laws of Nature, Natural Phenomena, & Natural Products.” The Guidance is intended to help examiners determine whether the subject matter of a patent claim is significantly different from what exists in nature. 

– So, what does this Guidance mean for the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry? 
– What strategies should patent attorneys employ to help their clients understand and navigate this recent development? 
– What do scientists and industry executives need to know? 

This Webinar will address the impact of this Guidance on current patent practices, with particular emphasis on the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industries. It will also: 

– Review the history that lead to the issuance of this Guidance. 
– Explain the three question inquiry and the multi-factor analysis set forth for determining whether a patent claim meets the criteria for patent eligibility under §101. 
– Discuss some of the specific examples of patent claims provided by the Guidance. 
– Propose practical strategies for drafting claims in view of the Guidance. 
– Provide an update from the US Patent and Trademark Office’s Public Forum being held on May 9th to solicit comment on the Guidance at which Dr. Sabatelli will have participated.

You can register via the following link.

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