In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court ruled against Myriad Genetics saying that the company cannot patent natural DNA.  Association for Molecular Pathology et al., v. Myriad Genetics, Inc., et al.  (SCt 12-398_8njq; No. 12–398, June 13, 2013). The District Court concluded that Myriad’s claims were invalid because they covered products of nature. The Federal Circuit […]

American Conference Institute’s Advanced Summit on Global Patenting Strategy & Practice unites seasoned counsel with experience practicing in critical jurisdictions to share their wealth of knowledge and help you understand not only the mechanics of obtaining patents around the world, but also strategies for the most effective and efficient means of protecting IP in a global […]

The White House announced plans for a set of executive actions President Barack Obama will take that are aimed at reining in certain patent-holding firms, known as “patent trolls.” [I]nnovators continue to face challenges from Patent Assertion Entities (PAEs), companies that, in the President’s words “don’t actually produce anything themselves,” and instead develop a business […]